Friday, 6 December 2013

November Fun!

What started as a quiet month ended up completely manic, but lot's of fun had by all!

Now a regular on Bigglesfm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, between 10.00am and 1.00pm. The show includes an album of the week, featured daily artiste and the "long song" feature which has proven to be very popular. Dedicated to songs that are longer than the average 3 1/2 minute "pop" songs. If you have any suggestions feel free to suggest them. Being a DJ again after over 20 years has certainly got me back into listening to music away from just the stuff I do for performance and recording. Have to say enjoying every minute of the experience and long may it continue. Big thanks to Alan Wilding for the opportunity.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Monday, 7 October 2013

September 2013

A relatively quiet month!

Well it wasn't really. On top of now finishing off the Rollacoaster promotional stuff which hopefully I will be sharing with you over the next couple of months it was a good month for gigs, attending gigs and 'stuff' generally. No writing though so will have to make sure I rectify that over the next month or so. That said Gayle has been regularly filling my inbox with some ideas some of which are great so I am going to share the whole process of putting a song together on here right from the birth of the idea via an iPhone "rambling" to hopefully a finished track so here goes

Sunday, 1 September 2013

August 2013

August 2013

Ludivico Einaudi

The amazing 'Einaudi' performed at the Barbican on the 1st August with his ensemble. An amazing concert performed the whole of his new album "In A Time Lapse" along with other classics! He certainly for me is one of the most innovative modern composers. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer is here - July Heat!

July 2013

I Will Always Be Your Friend

Well we finally got a lyric video completed for "I Will Always Be Your Friend". The song features Jessica Greenfield who was just perfect for the essence of the song. The original version was written for Louise and her friend Debbie but after much deliberation we (Adrian, Georgia and myself) felt the song was actually a reflection of most friendships and the video should reflect the same. So there are two versions available now, this is the official one. If you would like to see the other version please subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Keep an eye out for Jessica, she is currently recording an album with Gavin Conder, top drawer and some fantastic songs coming your way

Have a listen to their version of Soloman Burke's "Cry To Me" One word from me "Outstanding"

The Script At Thetford Forest

Yep a great night with "The Script" at Thetford Forest with "Stooshe" in support. Band sounded great especially the 'singalong' version of "The Man Who Will Not Be Moved" Please excuse Debbie jumping between myself and young Kenny no comment on that one. The Man Who Will Not Be Moved Live

Back to the 80s 

Back to the 80s capped off a fantastic month headlining "Shelford Feast" with Kit Mylnar as our adopted sister on saxophone. We will be recording a live dvd / cd at Epic Studios in Norwich on 8th September so feel free to come along and be featured in the video.Back to the 80s Live DVD / CD Recording

July was also a very creative month in the lyric department. Both Adrian and Gayle have put pen to paper and we probably have enough material for another album. I think we may 'gig' some of these songs before we step into the studio. The "Bad Break" EP now has 3 completed songs "Orbit", "Where Are You Now" and "Broken Faith" which sets August up to be a busy month in the studio.

And finally......

Finally for this month check out Mogwai who I saw perform at The Barbican on 26th July when they performed live their own soundtrack to the "Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait" film. If you don't know this band take some time out and have a listen, you won't be disappointed.

Mogwai "Hungry Face"

Don't forget all live dates appear on my website, including solo dates, Back to the 80s, Rollacoaster, Vice Versa and coming soon the first Dali dates Kev's Live Dates

Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Madness 2013!

June 2013

A month in the life of me!

1st: A rare night off, think I might have even watched 'The Voice' and 'Britains Got Talent'
2nd: Afternoon at The Nelsons Head with 'Back to the 80s', relatively early night!
3rd: Day off, 5 mile run, 3 mile swim healthy food, Yoga!
4th: Rehearsal in Cambridge with 'Back to the 80s'
5th: Afternoon on the Thames with Rollacoaster client
6th: FSB Dinner in Luton Hoo with the team and celebrating success of our Georgia O Keefe! Unfortunately I was poisoned on the night and lost the next day!

7th: After recovering from my poisoning, went to see Midge Ure @ The Stables, Wavenden. Even got to meet him afterwards:

8th: Rollacoaster performing @ Marlow with Kevin Orkian. The piano starts to tour by itself:
Yep Yamha Modus Electric Grand Piano
9th: Peace and quiet! Solo piano @The Runnymede on Thames and even a chance for a practice, previewing new set!
10th: Sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz
11th: 5 mile run, 3 mile swim (this really isn't believable!) Ok caught up with the Sky Planner today! 
12th: Dinner with Tom and Kate, Rollacoaster clients pre wedding jitters calmed after two bottles of red, but hey no one poisoned me!
13th: Rollacoaster @ Hilton Park Lane, video and photography for new promo. I did look great in my Union Jack jacket. Have a look on the Rollacoaster facebook page for some pics of the evening:
14th: Packing for Majorca, then off to see Josh Groban at the O2:

Not only is he a fantastic singer this boy can really play percussion. The band were top drawer and banging. If you haven't listened to this guy take some time out to get to know him. A real talent:
15th - 21st: Majorca event: A full on week with an event in Port Soller in Majorca, with acts booked: Allison Moyet, Midge Ure, Tony Hadley and The Satilites, Katherine Jenkins and my piano even gets on the gig!:

 21st: Back lunch time and straight out to John O Gaunt's for "Back to the 80s" seriously in need of sleep now!
22nd: Rollacoaster performed and Kate and Dan's wedding in Tivetshall, Norwich great night and rocking gig
23rd: Sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
24th: Back into office and video for 'How Will I Know' almost complete. Trailer:
25th: Found this on the cutting room floor on the edit for How Will I Know which is actually very funny, well it seemed that way at the time:-

26th: Read a book, boring day but it was a good book "The Lewis Man" by Peter May
27th: Lou's birthday. Family dinner and party and no poisoning!
28th: It's Back to the 80s @ The Emporer in Cambridge
29th: Rollacoaster in Basinstoke and Back to the 80s at Dullingham Festival.
30th: Sunday afternoon with Rollacoaster and Acoustic Sunset's debut at The Snozone in Milton Keynes.

A great month but now need a two week holiday to recover from all the activity. That said,  I am blessed to be able to do a job I love and meet some fantastic people both performing and in our own 'back room' team. A big "well done" to Georgia O Keefe winning 2 FSB awards, even if she did poison me and personally meeting one of my own hero's Midge Ure has to be a personal favourite and look forward to working with all of them in the future.

Watch this space in July and currently looking for an animator to make a pop video for one of the songs from Songbook 2 which is flying off the shelves, NOT! Thanks to mum for buying a copy!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

31st May 2013

May 2013

Trip to Arraz, France 

Sometimes it's good to take a step out of our normal schedule and appreciate the world we live in. I spent a week in France with Jon Nicholls and the Hampstead Pals on the annual "Battlefield" trip to Arras and visiting the Somme, Arras and even a short trip to Ypres. Quite humbling to see how a generation laid down their lives literally to protect our country and make the air we breath free. Strongly recommend that all of us do at least one trip to Northern France to to see the sheer amount of graves that are there, "A lost generation" is such an accurate description. Great company and an occasional glass of wine for the wine and drinking Bailey's in coffee is an experience especially at 8.00am on a Sunday morning. Big thanks to Jon again for his hospitality and look forward to another visit next year.

Depeche Mode at the O2

What a great gig at the O2 and what a great band, still sounding and looking good after 30 years! Took me right back to my teens. Favourite track of the night was "Enjoy The Silence"

Mark Knopfler at the Albert Hall

Another genius at work and hat a fantastic band. Also support slot was from Ruth Moody watch out for that name she is going to be massive. A two and half hour show at the Albert Hall and even got to hear 'Telegraph Road' live for the first time since 1985. Showing my age far too much!

New Website Page

There's a new page on the website purely for my solo piano work at receptions, weddings, corporate lunches, product launches. There is a video clip and some new tracks exclusive to the page including some "Acoustic" reworkings of tracks. Have a look and feel free to suggest new tracks:-

Live Dates

As Summer gets into full flow please keep an eye on the live dates section of the website including perfromances with Rollacoaster, Vice Versa, Back to the 80s and even the first Dali live dates over June and July and looking forward to working with Tony Hadley, Allison Moyet, Midge Ure and Katherine Jenkins in June

Bad Break EP

I'm going to put together an EP of songs that were written over the last year whilst I was recovering from my accident. Titles include Where Are You Now, Orbit, Broken Faith, watch this space as tracks get complete.

"Chloe recording Orbit"

Sunday, 28 April 2013

27th April 2013

April 2013 A busy one!

April has been an amazingly busy month both in and out of the studio. Here are a few highlights of the month:-

Biggles FM Radio interview with Alan Waring

Live in April
Sunday 21st: Woking Hospice Charity Concert for Bobby Davro. A fantastic evening of variety with house band Rollacoaster backing Bobby, Claire Sweeney, Gary Wilmott, Kev Orkian, Joe Pasquale and Gareth Gates. Raising money for a very worthy cause.

Monday 8th April Drapers Hall: Performing in this fantastic venue, even got a chance to perform "Soundscapes". Have a look at the sound-check footage:-

Back to the 80's were also busy (they always are) with local engagements.

Martha High
Performing at Epic Tv Norwich soul sensation Marth High with the Speedometers

Simple Minds
Performing at Cambridge Corn Exchange, Simple Minds rocked out sounding as good as ever. Great band and a fantastic show with a brilliant rendition of Don't You (Forget About Me):

Also managed to get to see a great band at Under The Bridge, these guys are seriously funky and the new album "Evolution Revolution" is a must:

Studio Musings

A number of projects are moving into their final stages, Worked again with the magical Chris Madin on "Broken Faith" Now in the hands of Victoria Beaumont for an opera vocal on top of this rock song, watch this space. Mixing complete on "Where Are You Now" and completing the remaining backing vocals and brass for the forthcoming Rollacoaster album. May will be as busy no doubt. Also we have shortlisted 4 tracks for the Dali EP and now looking for a studio to record the live tracks.

Coming Soon in May:-

Live events with Back to the 80s, Rollacoaster and a trip to France!

Currently listening to Headhunters well "Watermelon Man" is a classic!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

26th March 2013

Latest Studio Musings!

A number of projects are starting to come together now including the new Rollacoaster DVD / CD "Past, Present and Future Ten", the first Dali EP working title "Tortured Soul" with Gayle Fraser and Stewart Sibley now looking like a June / July release, prey for some nice weather.


The new website is now active with new videos, tracks, photos, and Live dates. Songbook 2 is also available on Itunes to download


Was great to see Clannad last week at the Sheperds Bush O2 theatre, Band are as good as always and Brian Kennedy in support was a treat especially after a very emotional version of "You Raise Me Up" which he sung accapella. Was also good to see my friend Steve Turner playing keyboards. Top marks to Steve as the performance was completely amazing and even managed to get 'funky' with the traditional stuff, totally up my street and has inspired one of the new "Dali" tracks titled "Runaway" Watch this space. Couldn't resist putting this clip of Clannad up

Only one album on the listening list this week, Depeche Mode's "Delta Machine" get it and play it loud, very loud!

Friday, 8 March 2013

8th March 2013

Back from Holiday

Not much to report this week as been on holiday chilling out in Lanzarote, so apart from pictures of Peroni glasses there isn't much to say.

I Will Always Be Your Friend

Current;y making a lyric video for the above track from the album "Songbook 2" available on Itunes. Watch this space as the video is completed

Back To The 80s - Sunday March 10th Cambridge Marathon

Couldn't resist putting this on here! Was a great break!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

21st February 2013

Live Dates!

You can view all Live Engagements for the year by viewing the Calender on the website, including dates Solo and with Back to the 80s, Vice Versa and Rollacoaster

Currently In Production

There are currently two new tracks in production "Orbit" featuring Chloe Du Pre and "Where Are You Now" featuring Chris Madin. Keep an eye on this space for an exclusive track and the opportunity to appear in the "Orbit" video which we will be shooting towards the end of March. Chloe is a ball of talent, check out her singing "Listen To The Sound" from Songbook 2 here:-

Currently listening to the "Lifesigns" album which is fab and strongly recomended.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

8th February 2013


Have a look at the new website which goes live on the 11th February 2013. Have a look at and

Keep an eye on the site for new details and new tracks and videos etc.

Recording Orbit

Spent the day at Dagobar on 7th February recording lead vocals with Chloe Du Pre for the new track Orbit, written by Gayle Fraser / Adrian Maddox / Stewart Sibley and myself. Watch this space as the track gets complete and for news on the video.

This weeks Performances

9th February: Back to the 80s @ The Sheene Mill
10th February: Sunday Lunch @ The Runnymede in Eggham, Surry
14th February: Acoustic Sunset@ The Sheene Mill
15th February: Rollacoaster - Private Party
16th February: Vice Versa - Charity Ball at Bedford Corn Exchange

This weeks listening

Currently in the car this week is Biffy Clyro's new album "Opposites" It's great, play loud!

24th January 2013

Back in the studio!

After spending the last three months finishing off the 'Songbook 2' collection I took the opportunity to go through and see how many tracks were still 'work in progres' and surprise surprise there is at least 10 tracks started or half finished so back into the studio with Stewart to start work on some new tracks.

Recording with Chris Madin a new track "Where Are You Now" Simply an amazing singer, good all round bloke, mega talent and not forgetting new dad with mum Suzy! Please do have a look at Chris's own site on Thanks Chris always a pleasure!

Saturday Night Sold Out

This Saturday night is a sell out at The Sheene Mill, will be a cracker working with my ol mates Jason Coles, Jamie Trowell and the lovely Kate Mylnar. There is still availability for the 9th February when Back To The 80S are doing a second performance within a month.

This weeks listening has been Richard Eliots "In The Zone" A smooth but funky work out and perfect for slow traffic jam in the snow.

Coming February 2013, New Website, Youtube Channel and full release of Songbook 2!

January 2013 - Back to the 80s

January 17th 2013

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s did the first gig of the year at The Sheen Mill last Saturday. New website coming soon, keep and eye on our facebook page for future dates.

My new website is almost complete and will feature current and new videos, tracks and details of forthcoming events.

Wev'e also found another 10 tracks at Dagobar half complete so that's me busy until April.

Dali have completed a track 'Tortured Soul' please leave a comment or reply to receive a free download of the track.

January is generally a quiet month, and a month of planning for the year ahead. Now we are in the middle of production for the new Rollacoaster video with an imminent release here is the trailer for the the video

Currently listening to 'Dog Is Dead' album well Trevor Horn did produce a track so what did you expect. Watch out for this band