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New Year, Here comes 2014

January 2014

A Look Back ......... A Look Forward

So we are in February already and my blog resumes for the New Year. Just stopping to look back on 2013 and more importantly looking forward to what 2014 may bring

A Look Back.....

2013 was an incredible year both professionally and personally. There's too many too highlight's individually but have a look through the old posts if you get a chance and you'll see what In.

A new Rollacoaster!

It was definitely a great year for the band. After the video shoot at Epic Studios in November the new website, facebook page, twitter page and now new CD/ DVD package the new "branding" is out there. Have a look at the website and keep up to date with all the band "shenanigans" on our facebook page Rollacoaster Facebook Page. The new album "Past, Present and Future Ten" will  be out at the end of February. The diary is looking very good with dates confirmed internationally and it is good to be performing regularly up and down Park Lane even if the Congestion Charge is a royal pain in the neck. It was good to round off the year with a private party at The Burj in Dubai:-
 "Welcome to my gaff!"
 Definitely a tick box for me
 View from the 27th floor

 Rollacoaster 2013
 Alex and our angels, lucky man!
 Now these boys are very smooth (oh is that me in there!)
 Night view
 "Don't jump Gemma"

After show, much alcohol with Boney M and our Director Mr Alex Burtashov
Duncan admiring Alex "selfie" style


After a traumatic 2012 which included not just the end of Vice Versa a band I have been attached to for more years than I care to mention. Recovering from a near fatal car accident in May certainly gave me an opportunity to actually review exactly what I was doing both creatively and with the business of the bands.
Merging with Garry James and throwing my energy into Rollacoaster without the "straight jacket" of having to perform I actually got back to enjoying the performing again, something which had been missing for some time.
Creatively there was so many highlights throughout the year. Getting back to writing again and having a 2nd Songbook complete it was fun to put work into "I Will Always Be Your Friend"  Georgia O Keefe of Look C came up with an incredible emotional  but simple video for the song. Have a look at it here: 

I also got to work with so many incredible artistes but I think purely personally because I have followed the career of Midge Ure from a teenager to be given the opportunity to perform with him on stage at Epic Studios was an honour and an absolute privilege. Let's do it again sometime!

A Look Forward.................

So into 2014 and what a way to start. First week of the year featured in "Business Weekly" magazine for all the hard work of the past three years and all the miles of travelling. A big welcome also to my Regional Directors: Alex Burtashov (Moscow and CIS), Simon Brown (UAE) Claressa Monteiro (Singapore and Asia) and Steve Wiese (Minneapolis) Let's go to work:-

Back To The 80s

The boys are flying this year (And our girl Kate of course). The Dates are filling quickly and a new Website, DVD is currently in production. Do "Like" and "Share" our Back to the 80s Facebook Page and watch this space for new developments

New Acts

Video shoot complete, a hand picked selection of acts for representation were videoed at the end of January with view to promotion this year. These will be revealed in the coming months and there are some incredible artistes involved. It's going to be a challenge representing all of them but look forward to many hours of fun with them all.

Finally ......... A new album!

Yes, can't believe it to be honest. Stewart pointed out that we have in fact got almost an album's worth of material either started, half finished or in fact mixed so Adrian and myself are sharpening our pens and notes and getting this finished. The album will be titled " A Line In The Sand" which seems appropriate as some of the material dates back and this will be a creative closure on that period of time. Titles include the following:
1. Orbit
2. Broken Faith
3. Where Are You Now
4. The Search
5. Up All Night ( With Rong D'Rextion)
6. Tortured Soul (With Dali)
7. I Don't Understand 
8. Unbreakable
9. You Got A New Girlfriend (With Dali)
10. A Line In The Sand
11. Leaving (With Dali)
12. Runaway Child (With Dali)
13. The Sun and the Moon
14. Anytime, Anyplace (With Dali)
I'm sure not all of them will make the final list but at least we have enough material to be getting on with.

I will also be sharing the journey of "Unbreakable" as we started last year

Don't forget I also have a show on Bigglesfm on most Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's from 10.00am to 1.00pm. It's an enjoyable show with many guests.

A belated Happy New Year to all of you for reading the blog and thank you again for your ongoing support. I will be back to once a month again now so see you all in a month!

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