Monday, 2 June 2014

April / May 2014

April / May 2014 

What a busy couple of months and what a year this is turning out to be.

Forthcoming Live Shows

4th June      Solo Pianobar Show        The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London
7th June      Back to the 80s                Kings, Newmarket
12th June    Rollacoaster                     The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London
21st June    Rollacoaster                     The Grange, Rutland
28th June    Rollacoaster                     Ely, Cambridgeshire
4th July       Mat Cardle                      Saffron Walden 8 Day Weekender

5th July       Back To The 80s             Saffron Walden 8 Day Weekeender supporting Bjorn Again
12th July     Back To The 80s             Headlining Shelford Feast
19th July     Rollacoaster                     Brocket Hall, Welwyn, Herts

Dates are being added all the time so keep an eye out on my "live" Dairy which is updated at all times                                                                  Click here for website live dates

April Review - Back to Epic

Finishing off some video editing from our shoot earlier in the year with Jonathan Thursby. Some great new acts and artistes to be featured over the forthcoming months and the first video of my new material is available here. This track is called "The Sun and The Moon"
                                            Click here for "The Sun And The Moon" Video
Interesting track as it very nearly didn't happen at all and most of this piece was composed "in the moment" Sometimes you are just lucky and the stars align and having the pressure of the cameras on you just creates the energy to put something together. It was certainly the case with this piece of music, red light went on and I had a basic idea of where the tune was going but only when I played it back did I think "Did I write that?" If only all pieces were as straight forward as this.

The Temperance Movement

What a band! Go and see these guys live they are amazing. Highly recommended and I hear they are supporting The Stones on their next tour.  Click here for The Temperance Movement Website

Also got to see the Band "Lifesigns" at The Stables in Milton Keynes


Into May 

Rollacoaster with Geri Halliwell

What a hounr it was to be asked to back former Spice Girl's singer Geri Halliwell in an acoustic band for the evening of 17th May in Lutterworth. A great night (fuelled by alcohol of course!) and some great footage which you can see on the Rollacoaster facebook page Click here to see Rollacoaster impromptu performance of "Get Here"


"So tell me what you want, what you really really want"

Gifts for our singers

Look At Me

Gary looking after my car


Finally we are rehearsing, preparing and fine tuning 5 songs for some recording at the end of June with Dali.
Songs to make the first EP are "Tortured Soul", "Runaway Child", "Anytime Anywhere", "Leaving" and we are including "You Can't Bring Me Down" from the Pazz album which I recorded in Minneapolis back in 2009.
We also have another 4 songs in production from our writing "stable" including "Untouchable" which I featured in a previous blog. Next month I will give you an in depth look at how we put a song together from the inception of an idea to the tenuous procedure of producing a track. It's fun but boy is it hard work.
Relieved now that "Line In The Sand" is essentially written and it's a case of getting the best songs to put on the album. Watch this space

That's all for now and see you in a month! (Yep back to monthly)

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